The head of the research station is Dr. Carsten Schradin, who started field work in Goegap in 2001 and since then built up the research station. During the years, nearly 100 undergraduate students gained experience as field assistants. 7 postdocs, 4 PhD students and 16 MSc students collected data for their projects in Goegap.

The team in September 2017.


The team in August 2016.


The team in February 2016, from left to right. In front Rebecca Rimbach, Jonathan Gilbert, Jessica Mulvey. At the back Jörg Jäger, Carsten Schradin, and Melanie Vernoux.


The team in February 2015, from left to right: Rebecca Rimbach, Audrey Maille, Jörg Jäger, in front Zora Schradin with Yogi, Ed Yuen, Ivana Schoepf, Maria de Vicente Fernandez de Gatta, and Carsten Schradin.


The team in September 2013, from back to front:

Amy Donnison, Carsten Schradin, Ryan Jenks, Ivana Schoepf, Aline Simoes, Brigitte Schradin, Ed Yuen, Zora Schradin, Apollo Schradin, and Yogi.


The team in March 2011: Daohne Anastassiadi, John Maye, Lisa Schleicher, Thomas Schmid, Helen Bellfield, Yogi, and Ed Yuen.

The team in September 2010:

Carsten Schradin, Ed Yuen, Julien Raynaud, Nicola Sewell, Davina Hill, Carl,Apollo Schradin, Dany Krönert, Kalya Sequeiros, Brigitte Schradin.






The team in October 2003: Daniela Fischer, Brigitte Britz, Tanja Mahnkopf, and Carola Schneider.

The The team in July 2004, from left to right: Carsten Schradin, Brigitte Britz, Carola Schneider, Philipp Widmann, Melanie Schubert and Christina Keller.


The team in December 2005, from left to right: Brigitte Schradin, Carsten Schradin, Melanie Schubert, Stella Treffler, Julian Brenner

The team September 2006: Ed Yuenb, Tobias Feldt, Ivana Schoepf, Brigitte and Apollo Schradin, Carsten Schradin.

The team September 2007: Dana Weldon, Brigitte Schradin, Gaby Schmohl, Carsten Schradin, David Lehmann with Apollo Schradin, Ivana Schoepf andMaarten Bleeker.

The team in August 2008, from left to right, front to back: Ed Yuen, Apollo and Carsten Schradin, Brigitte Schradin, Ivana Schoepf, Alessandra Schnider, Romy Höppli, Viviana Reijak, Sarah Weick, Nils Solmsen and Keenan Morrison.

The team in November 2009:

Stribling Stuber, Nino Mara, Marta Wastawino, Apollo Schradin, Ivana Schoepf, Ed Yuen, Erwan Cherel, Sam Lewis, Rachel Hughes, Carsten and Zora Schradin, Claudia Sobe.