Brigitte Schradin (maiden name Britz)

Brigitte grew up in Namaqualand, South Africa. As a registered nurse, she worked for one year as the Medic of the research station on Gough Island in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and South America (2001-2002). Afterwards she went for two years to Australia, before she came back to Namaqualand in 2004. Until the end of 2005 she was living at the research station, not only being of crucial help in a medical emergency (which nearly never occurs), but also helping with all aspects of the scientific project, such as observing, trapping and radio-tracking mice. In 2005 she married Carsten Schradin. 2006-2012 she lived in Zurich, Switzerland, and since 2012 she lives in Kehl, Germany together with Carsten, Zora and Apollo. Shet visits Namaqualand and Goegap nearly every year.