Other animals

Namaqualand is a heaven for people interested in animals. However, most animals are small. There are 45 mammal species, but only two big mammals: Gemsbok and springbok. Smaller antelopes are steenbok, duiker and klipspringer. Goegap is a good place to see the aardvark and the aardwolf. There are several small predators, such as the African wild cat, several species of mongooses and the striped polecat.
There are plenty species of small mammals: Two species of whistling rats, bush-Karoo rats, three species of gerbils, pygmy mouse, Namaqua rock mouse, three species of elephant shrews and many more.
There are about 100 species of birds, including ostrich, black eagle, jackal buzzard, cape and spotted eagle owl, European bee eater, ground chat, mouse bird, pale winged starling, and many more.
25 reptile species include several poisonous snakes. The black spitting cobra and the puffadder are potentially deadly. The many horned adder and coral snake are not deadly, but poisonous enough that you should avoid to be bitten by them. Whereas these snakes are numerous, no one has ever been bitten by a snake in Goegap. Other snakes include mole snake, brown house snake, sand snake and tiger snake. Lizards include girlid lizards and rock agama.

Students essays about animal life in Goegap:
The bush-Karoo rat

Creatures of the night

Reptiles and amphibians

Mountain zebras


Coral snake
Hairy-footed gerbil
Cape eagle owl
Bush Karoo rat
Jackal buzzard
Many horned adder
Whistling rat
Mole snake
Tiger snake