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From Dezember 2004 until December 2011 we published 29 issues of our email-newsletter FSM-Times, providing information about our work at the Succulent Karoo Research Station and the research on small mammals. This newsletter received significant attention and was downloaded thousands of times. You can still download these interesting newsletters here.

However, it was time consuming to produce this newsletter, and times are changing.

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FSM-TIMES issue 29 (October-December 2011)

Title: Southern Masked Weaver

FSM-TIMES issue 28 (July-September 2011)

Title: Die Puffottern von Goegap

FSM-TIMES issue 27 (April-June 2011)

Title: Goegap Nature Reserve:Aims, Management and Future

FSM-TIMES issue 26 (January-March 2011)

Title: Succulents

FSM-TIMES issue 25 (October-December 2010)

Title: African Wild Cat

FSM-TIMES issue 24 (July-September 2010)

Title: Soccer World Cup

FSM-TIMES issue 23 (April-June 2010)

Title: Communication in Baboons

FSM-TIMES issue 22 (January-March 2010)

Title: Christmas

FSM-TIMES issue 21 (October-December 2009)

Title: The Cape Porcupine

FSM-TIMES issue 20 (July-September 2009)

Title:Who ate my Mouse?

FSM-TIMES issue 19 (April-June 2009)

Title: Rock Dassies

FSM-TIMES issue 18 (January-March 2009)

Title: Game Capture in Goegap

FSM-TIMES issue 17 (October-December 2008)

Title: Upgrade of the Research Station

FSM-TIMES issue 16 (July-September 2008)

Title: Walking in Baboon Steps

FSM-TIMES issue 15 (April-June 2008)

Title:Proximate and Ultimate Aspects of Social Flexibility in the Striped Mouse

FSM-TIMES issue 14 (January-March 2008)

Title:Tokaloshe, Goblin from South Africa

FSM-TIMES issue 13 (October-December 2007)

Title: The Black-Backed Jackal

FSM-TIMES issue 12 (July-September 2007)

Title:Ecology and Management of the Succulent Karoo

FSM-TIMES issue 11 (April-June 2007)

Title:Reptiles in Goegap

FSM-TIMES issue 10 (Januaryr-March 2007)

Title: Biology of the Father

FSM-TIMES issue 9 (October-December 2006)

Title: New Developments at the Research Station

FSM-TIMES issue 8 (July-September 2006)

Title: Creatures of the Night: Aardwolf and Co

FSM-TIMES issue 7 (April-June 2006)

Title: The Bush Karoo Rat

FSM-TIMES issue 6 (January-March 2006)

Title: Annual Report of the FSM-Times Foundation

FSM-TIMES issue 5 (October -December 2005)

Title: Monogamy in the Round-Eared Elephant Shrew

FSM-TIMES issue 4 (July - September 2005)

Title: The History of Namaqualand

FSM-TIMES issue 3 (April– June 2005)

Title: Travel and Holiday in Namaqualand

FSM-TIMES issue 2 (January – March 2005)

Title: The Striped Mouse

FSM-TIMES issue 1 (October – December 2004)

Title: The Succulent Karoo Research Station



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